Zilosophy For the People, By the People

by Michael Zildjian
Created May 10, 2021 | 70+ Cities in the USA
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Zilosophy is Coming to the People! Uniting the Country One Community at a Time.

“East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’ We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done. We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there. I’m east bound, just watch ‘ol bandit run”. – Theme Song to Smokey and the Bandit

After almost 20 years in the music business, I decided to change careers 6 years ago and create a platform called Zilosophy where I teach people to look inward and focus on personal responsibility and sovereignty to help them overcome challenges that we all face in life. There is no better time to help others overcome difficulties then now.

In March of 2020 I was about to embark on a Zilosophy speaking tour in Nashville where I would talk to kids (and adults) about using the philosophies in Zilosophy on Golf to help people learn to overcome difficulties in order to bring their best to whatever they do.

Unfortunately, that tour was cancelled, and I went on different journey all together. A trip where I would do thousands of hours of research to understand the corruption in our country and in our world. Zilosophy was always a platform for truth, justice, and accountability but this detour put it on a much more patriotic path.

There is a movement happening in this country where patriots are going town to town to help rebuild the United States at the community town at a time. "We The People" need to take control of our government..."for the people, by the people" if we want to keep our democracy. I have been called to take part in this movement, but I can't do it without your help.

I will be taking Zilosophy on the road to follow along with the Arise USA tour...a 3-month tour kicking off May 17, 2021, with 84 stops across the United States, the themes including: Constitutional Counties, Faith, Family, Freedom, Election Reform, Sovereignty and Truth. Robert David Steele and former congressional rep Cynthia McKinney are the primary tour leaders. Sacha Stone is the tour’s Creative Director. The tour’s official website is

To be clear, I am not officially part of the tour (at least not yet), but I have been inspired by people like Robert David Steele, Scott McKay and Sherriff Mack to use my Zilosophy platform to help rebuild this country from the ground up. And now is the time. I have also been inspired by many people (who may not be on the tour) to step up and do my patriotic duty...people like General Flynn, Simon Parkes, Lin Wood, General McInerny, Charlie Ward and many more. I did not serve in the military. Now is the time to serve my country.

I will be following the Arise USA Tour as many people once followed The Grateful Dead, but in this case, to serve the people and help their communities build anew. I will be doing speaking engagements, hosting podcasts, creating videos, writing blogs, doing live videos on social media and documenting the journey in as many ways as possible.

I will use your financial support to cover all of my travel and production expenses. I can do it pretty reasonably for about $7,000 a month. I will not be taking a salary as I am donating my time as a gift to America. Should there be any remaining funds, 100% of them will go to a charity for recovering trafficked children. (Note: goal slightly inflated to cover fees of this amazing and “uncancellable”, patriotic crowd funding site. I have spoken personally with Dave Lipsky. He is a hero whose endeavor should be supported)

Why am I not using my own funds? I will be using every penny I have, but I simply don't have enough as my burgeoning public speaking business was decimated by the plandemic. Am I doing this for my own benefit? Absolutely not. I am doing this to serve others because I feel it is my duty to humanity and to God. If I was doing this for me, I would be going to Costa Rica to chill and finish writing my 2nd book as was my original plan this year or I would stay on the beach in the great state of Florida under the freedom protection of the best governor in the country. This calling trumped all others...bigly. It is my time to serve like so many before me.

I am doing this on behalf those who are not able to take the (peaceful) fight to the streets to Save America. I will be your voice. I have been to 46 states in this great country. I love the people. I look forward to helping unite us all. Help me help "We The People".
Patriot Streetfighters Unite!!

(Note: if you would like to speak with me directly before contributing, or would like to connect out on tour, please email and we will set something up.)

“We’re on a mission from God”
-The Blues Brothers
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    Drive safe an enjoy! I love that you have my note with you

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    Can I bring a home cooked meal when you come to Denver? I’m about 2hours away

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  • Paul
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    Good luck Z..

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    Speak the Truth !!! #saveAmerica

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    Nancy Caldarola donated $50

    Thank you for all you are doing to help unite and build our new America ????❤️

  • Brian Lally
    Brian Lally donated $20

    I love you brother! ❤️

  • Gerard Barsoum
    Gerard Barsoum donated $150

    Good luck Michael! - Jiro

  • I am Sovereign
    By Michael Zildjian 11/19/20

    I am sovereign.
    I don’t need your permission to freely self-govern.
    Your war of attrition is really not modern.
    A feeble tradition to make Universal law burn.
    A senseless condition of thinking you’re the only true one.
    As if you could ever conceive to be so bold.
    Maybe it’s time you come in from the cold.
    A diseased society sick with anger and frustration.
    Seemingly hell bent on the practice of self-mutilation.
    Determined to be impossibly judgmental.
    When only love is real...instantly accessible and plentiful.
    Is it progressive to tell me what to do and think?
    Or regressive mind control with an odor that stinks?
    I won’t wear a mask and suffocate in my own home.
    A ridiculous ask; my freedom is home grown.
    Your cancel culture is really quite laughable.
    You can’t cancel a free spirit who is loving and affable.
    Intolerant tyrants telling me what I should and should not tolerate. Professing to stand for love but for alternate views they only show hate. It’s advisable to stand for unity and inclusion without being rude.
    I mean seriously...come on dude.
    Your insolence makes you incredibly inauthentic.
    But you convince yourself that you’re just being eccentric.
    Hate cannot drive out hate.
    Only love can do that.
    You already knew that.
    You just refused to do that.
    See most of us just want to be free and are far from deplorable.
    But you think you know better and we think that’s adorable.
    I have a firm and steadfast resolution to keep my independent constitution. I don’t even need permission from the US Constitution.
    It merely states a fact that I am eternally free.
    You can never take that away for it’s between The Creator and me.
    So try as you must to put me under your spell.
    I’ll never relent to your mental prison hell.
    I won’t watch the “news” and be scared so you can justify.
    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Do you think that’s a lie?
    We are all one and there is only one team.
    Us versus them is a weary old dream.
    I love you all dearly and hope you find the way.
    Back home to your sovereignty this and every day.
    Light always has, and always will win over darkness.
    A Universal truth delivered with starkness.
    I am sovereign and I don’t need your permission to live
    a life of loving freedom.
    So save your conditions cuz I don’t really need ‘em.
    It is my God-given right to be peacefully sovereign.
    And the only way out of the abyss we are in.

  • Will you stand with the patriots? ????

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