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Today’s world could accurately be described as chaotic. Many of us find ourselves looking for answers to questions we simply never would have imagined as citizens of the United States. Freedom is guaranteed by the Constitution, yet the liberties enjoyed by generations are being sheared away on a daily basis. If you’re like me you have two questions that never seem to be honestly answered by those we have come to trust. Why? And what can a solitary individual do to help slow this departure down and eventually reverse course to bring us back home again? The “why,” unfortunately, will have to be answered over time. But if you give me just a few moments, I can introduce you to a man and a cause worthy of both your valuable time and money. A quick and easy way for you to take a stand, fight back, and add your voice to the millions feeling disenfranchised like you.
Joe Biggs, by any true standard, is an American hero. A veteran of two foreign wars and the recipient of two Purple Hearts, Joe served our nation with honor as a member of the U.S. Army until his career was medically cut short. Since leaving the Army, Joe has been honest and outspoken on the topic of mental health in our armed forces, focusing on the post traumatic stress that he and countless veterans are affected by.
After the military, Joe began his career in the media by reporting at national events for Infowars. He quickly made a name for himself with his fearless approach during events like the Ferguson riots. As his career morphed, Joe became a mouthpiece against what many have seen as the persistent erosion of our Constitution and the American way of life that it protects. Biggs, as his friends call him, showcased the importance of raising awareness, and helped the planning and participation of numerous successful Pro-America rallies and marches.
But it's for one event he didn’t plan that we could really use your help. Yes, Joe was in Washington D.C. on January 6th, 2021. And, yes, he walked through an open door of the Capitol building. He also then exited the building and premises without incident. No theft, no destruction, and absolutely no violence. Due to his outspoken support of the Pro-America movement, Joe was, nearly immediately, targeted in the aftermath. The same country he sacrificed for has now made him one of the focal points of its case against the people. He has been charged, federally, with trespassing, obstruction of a federal proceeding, obstruction of law enforcement, and conspiracy, among other charges.
As we get further from the events of January 6th, one thing has become quite clear- there was no pre planned disruption at the Capitol by anyone on the right side of the political spectrum. Despite this, and despite having zero evidence, the federal government has now doubled down and incarcerated Joe Biggs prior to his trial.
A common prosecution tactic is to overcharge and drag out a process that average Americans simply can’t afford to fight. This is done in hopes of a citizen seeing the process as hopeless and giving up. Currently, Joe Biggs is in jail with no end in sight, yet his fees and bills continue. Joe is a loving son and father, and his responsibilities have not stopped simply because the government has taken him away from his life. Joe has been forced into unemployment while his daily responsibilities continue, in addition to paying a lawyer for the unforeseeable future. Due to the present circumstances, Joe will be unable to hold regular employment, even after this battle is over. Joe needs the financial support of all who can help him fight this and help bring justice to a man who has been wrongly prosecuted. The entirety of your donation will be sent directly to Joe. If you can’t support him financially, please share this site with as many patriots as you can to help spread the word. Your support and prayers are crucial to this fight. Thank you, and God bless.
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    I’m praying for you.

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    Thinking of you Joe

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