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Created Jun 19, 2021 | New York
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Oue Freedom Media Group is raising legal funds for filing lawsuits ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES to contest and challenge the Covid Vaccine Mandates in the workplace, schools, colleges, graduations, sporting events, concert arenas, supermarkets, etc.

The only way to RISE UP against these mandates is to fight back. Your donation will play a pivotal role in turning the tables on these proposed mandates.

By donating, you will assist with lessening the legal costs associated with writing the letters of notification and filing the lawsuits and all other costs and expenses associated with the legal fight against these Covid Vaccine mandates.

This funding will also cover letters and calls to employers, schools and universities.
This funding will also cover legal expenses for families that can’t afford to pay an attorney.
This funding will cover covid related challenges to help fray the costs of said challenges.
The support you provide here will raise the will of the people to fight back to protect and preserve our freedom and our God given rights to bodily autonomy.

Your support will also help preserve the rights of our citizens to go to work, the right of OUR children to attend school and college, and our right to move about freely AND GET BACK TO NORMAL!
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