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Created Jun 25, 2021 | Philadelphia, PA
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On March 17th 2021, Zach Rehl was arrested by the Federal Government, and is being grossly over-charged with crimes related to the Capital Protest on January 6th 2021. He had been granted pretrial release by a Philadelphia Magistrate Judge in March but ordered a stay because the government wanted a Washington D.C. Judge to rule over his release. At hearing in June, he was denied bail even though the judge said that he did favor release. Zach is non-violent and the prosectution has said as much - he did not assault any police officers, he did not push through any barricades, he did not break into the Capitol, and he did not damage any property.

He has a motion to reopen his release but it has not been ruled on as of November 2021. The prosecution has filed a motion to have him transferred to Washington D.C. from Philadelphia for no reason other than to punish him while he awaits his trial which holds a tentative date of May 18th 2022. A date that is well over the speedy trial time. His rights are being greatly infringed upon and he is being treated as guilty before having even seen his day in court. Even when he does go to trial, the likelihood of having an impartial jury is unlikely.

Since his arrest, Zach has missed the birth of his daughter with his wife and while he is able to recieve visitation from his wife and infant daughter, he has never been able to hold his child. He also has a teenage daughter that he has not seen since his arrest and they miss each other dearly. Zach was the provider for his household and his absence has been a cause of great stress both emotionally and financially on his family.

Zach is a father, a husband, Marine Corps Veteran, and Patriot who loves his Country. He has fought for all of us, now he needs us to fight for him.

Please donate or share this fundraiser with any other Patriots you know. All funds go toward paying legal fees and helping his family during this hard time. Anything helps! God Bless!

Thank You,

The friends and family of Zach Rehl
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    Keep your chin up brother

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    May God bless you

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    Thank you for standing

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    Praying for your successful victory. Thanks for your courage

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  • If anyone would like to send a letter, book, or Christmas card to Zach, here is the address:

    ZACHARY REHL 34945-509
    PO BOX 562
    PHILADELPHIA, PA 19105-0562