Zach Rehl Defense Fund

by Defend Zach
Created Jun 25, 2021 | Philadelphia, PA
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On March 17th 2021, Zach Rehl was arrested by the Federal Government, and charged with crimes related to the Capital Protest on January 6th 2021. He’s being charged with organizing the tragic events that happened, despite the abundantly clear reality being that no one planned to storm the Capital Building, and there was no “insurrection”. There is a call to place the blame on a few people like Zach who, are innocent of these charges and wrongly accused. Zach was not in command of the thousands of people there that day, and no one else was either.

Like many other protesters from Biden's fraudulent certification, the corrupt DOJ has grossly overcharged Zach. The prosecution is inflating, what would otherwise be minor citations, into felonies to put him in prison for as long as possible. He's being denied bail by one judge, even though his charges are non-violent and was granted bail by another judge. In this twisted case, American citizens have been granted bail by one judge, then declared guilty and sent to jail by another. In bizarre statements by agents of the Federal Government, the political opinions of the 1/6 protesters are used as grounds to deny them their basic rights. Cancer patients, police officers, veterans, and normal regular American Citizens with no criminal record are being denied bail, while murderers and rapists are released to make room for them.

Zach has now been a political prisoner for 3 months. He has missed the birth of his second daughter. Whatever minor infraction he may have committed, he's paid for and then some. Zach is a political activist, not a criminal. Zach's right to a speedy trail and impartial jury are being violated. If denied bail, he will be in prison for over a year before his trial even starts. Zach is a father, Marine Corps Veteran, and Patriot who loves his Country. Zach has fought for all of us, now he needs us to fight for him. Please donate to his legal defense fund and share this fundraiser with any other Patriots you know. All funds will go to pay for his legal fees.

Please make sure your donations are anonymous.

Thank You,

Friends and Family of Zach Rehl
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    It is a true shame what is happening to you and all the J6 protestors. God bless you.

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    Hope this helps

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