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As we gain clarity on the events of January 6th, 2021, what has become crystal is that there was no right- wing driven conspiracy to overthrow our government. Not a single person has been charged with the popular media buzzword of “insurrection”. Despite these facts Joe Biggs, and many other non-violent American Patriots remain jailed awaiting trial. Since March Joe has been locked up based on the government’s insistence that he and a handful of others led a revolt, that we all know now never was.

The situation can accurately be described as a David vs. Goliath. The Federal Government is employing the tried and true tactic of stalling, dragging out the process in hopes of the defendant running out of money, or the will to continue the fight… whichever comes first. We can assure you that it’s only the latter that we fear will limit his success. Joe is a warrior by every true measure of the word. He is attacking this as he has every challenge life has placed in his way, head on and relentless. However you look at it, being a vocal proponant of freedom should in no way limit, or eliminate his ability to provide for his family. As the months pass this is the reality that he and his family face… maintaining and supporting a household is not possible without the ability to earn an income, let alone mounting an adequate defense against the prosecution’s charges… and that’s taking into consideration an extremely generous attorney and team working at far below cost.

To close this out, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts for the incredible amount of support Joe and his family have received over the previous months. Fully understanding that our DM’s and inboxes are filled daily with requests like this one… It’s with great humility we come to you asking for help in keeping this Patriot above water, and to give him a fighting chance to see this through.
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    God bless you and keep you. May truth and justice prevail.

  • Jenna Ryan
    Jenna Ryan donated $25

    We are praying for you. Keep the faith. God is in control.

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    God bless!

  • Susan L Morton
    Susan L Morton donated $10

    Good luck and god bless you. Aloha......

  • Anonymous
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    Praying for you Joe. Wish there was more I could do. You are a hero brother, please stay strong.

  • Clemeen Connolly
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  • Lydia V Sorrow
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    Praying for you and your family

  • Andrew Devlin
    Andrew Devlin donated $10

    Good luck, thanks for all you do.

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