Freedom Based Media and Entertainment Plan

by Matthew Blaise
Created Feb 27, 2021 | Louisiana
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In recent years, and especially in recent months, many people have come to the conclusion that a large majority of the mainstream media is liberally owned, paid for, or run. Due to this, programming tends to be largely one-sided and censored. The general public has been a great witness to this while stuck in quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Individuals involved with the creation of this fundraiser have spent years in the entertainment industry and have been witness of this double standard and censorship firsthand. As a matter of fact, it was so bad, that these individuals began exploring the possibilities of creating a new form of media and entertainment, based on the freedoms of the United States.
Throughout 2020, during the lockdown enforced around the world, the idea of such a venture was further explored and decided on. The American Public, along with the world as a whole, deserves a new form of news media based on freedom. Additionally, the American Public, along with the world as a whole, deserves a new form of entertainment, movies, and television based on freedom.
We want to help make that happen. We want to create an empire based on these freedoms. As the saying goes, go big or go home. Therefore, we'd like to explore the abilities at starting a brand new news media network, along with a brand new movie and television production development.
For example, think of prior developments like Newsmax, One America News Network, Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix. Now imagine combining several premises into one overall premise, and developing something the modern world can stand behind. Our intentions and goals are to pull this off, and in doing do, to make one word stand out among all else: FREEDOM.
A development such as this will of course require a substantial amount of funding, but imagine if everyone came together. Imagine if everyone who loves the United States came together. Imagine if everyone who yearns for their freedom and the abolishment of censorship came together. Imagine news programming that never took sides but rather spoke truths. Imagine movies and television programs that were in place for pure entertainment, with no intensions of attempting to steer the public's ideology towards one political view over the other. Imagine a platform that allowed it's users and viewers to share their ideas and their views, without the censorship of one over the other. We're asking on others to help make this a possibility. Donate what you can. Share this campaign. Any help you can supply will be greatly appreciated and we hope to make this a reality. Together, let's strive to bring back this freedom.
Disclaimer: Funds raised are intended for, but are not limited to, the creation of company(s), the ability to acquire production studio facilities and make sure those facilities are user and production friendly, the ability to obtain equipment and furnishings to make such a development possible, the ability to hire a full time staff and crew, the ability to acquire and/or create a network, platform, and name(s), and the ability to begin initial production(s).
Please note that names associated with this fundraiser may change at any time. Names include, but are not limited to, the company(s), the network(s), the platform(s), and individual(s) involved. For example, while the current working title of such a network may be the Freedom Network, if we acquire the funds necessary to make this a reality, the name of this network may or may not change. Also please note that in order to make this plan a possibility, a development of this magnitude will require a substantial amount of funding, at least in the tens of millions of dollars, or potentially even higher, and that is our goal for this fundraiser.
Due to the maximum amount allowed on this platform currently being $1,000,000 that is what the goal has been set for, however, this amount will simply be to further the possibilities of the above. More funds will need to be raised, whether here on this platform or elsewhere.
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    From Ellen McG! thank you.

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    Praying your campaign is a success. Amen.

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